About Us


Is a friendly online convenience store based in Kuwait. Offering customers variety of the best products and latest editions on the market. Yumzi is inspired by the word Yummy, and our mascot is YumBoy; He is happy, welcoming and loves to connect with customers showing what Yumzi has to offer.

In creating Yumzi we were driven by the instant energy to fulfil the needs of our customers, connect with them and to provide a happy destination where they can resort to when in need.

Being an online store brings us closer to communicating with our customers, allowing them to speak and hear them clearly. This affects our relationship on a deeper level which makes our quest easier and enhances the trust; An important component of our work.

Our products:

Yumzi offers more than 6000+ item from different categories provided locally or imported internationally from USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and more. We always keep an eye on the latest trends and put our customers interests first.

We guarantee the quality and value of our products, 2 factors that will satisfy our customers and enhance their life.