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Extra Blueberry Gum 14 Gm USA

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Extra Bubblemint Gum 14 Gm USA


Extra Strawberry Gum 84 Gm USA

Extra Blueberry Gum 14 Gm USA

Description: The delicious chewing gum inspires with a fruity blueberry taste, which is accompanied by refreshing mint. In the large storage jar with 50 chewing tablets, this little helper is the perfect companion for on the go or in the office.
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Ingredients: Sweetener xylite, sorbitol; Chewing gum, thickener gum gum arabic, moisturizers glycerin, flavorings, acidifiers citric acid, sweetener mannit, emulsifier SOJALECITHIN, dye E171, sweetener aspartame, acesulfame K; Fumaric acid, Carnauba wax coatings, BHA antioxidants. Storage and use conditions: Consume soon after opening. Keep cool and dry. Warning: Contains phenylalanine. Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess.
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