Extra Peppermint XXL Gum 21 Gm USA

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Extra Bubblemint Gum 14 Gm USA


Extra Peppermint Gum 84 Gm USA

Extra Peppermint XXL Gum 21 Gm USA

Refreshing and delicious mint; the rubber that multi-tasking. Show your tongue who's boss with a fresh, refreshing taste of peppermint.
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• Ingredients: Sweetener Sorbitol E965 (I) (27g/100g) Humectant Glycerol (Non-animal), Natural, Nature Identical and Artificial Peppermint Flavors, Thickener Gum Arabic, Sweetener Mannitol E421 (0.7g/100g), Atificial Sweetener Aspartame E951 (0.323g/100g), Atificial Sweetener Acesulfame K E950 (0.182g/100mg), Color E171glazing Agent Carnauba Wax and Antioxdidant Bha 320.
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