Extra Strawberry Gum 84 Gm USA

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Extra Bubblemint Gum 14 Gm USA


Extra Bubblemint Gum 84 Gm USA

Extra Strawberry Gum 84 Gm USA

Wrigley's Extra Strawberry Sugar Free Chewing Gum is used to stay clean, fresh and confident throughout the day. This gum helps keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh.
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• Ingredients: Sweetener Sorbitol E420 (I) (36g/100g), Sweetener Maltitol E965 (I) (27g/100g), Gum Base (Contains Soya Letchin), Sweetener Mannitol E421 (3g/100g), Natural Nature Identical and Artificial Strawberry Flavors, Thickener (Gum Arabic), and Acid (Citric Acid), Humectant Glycerol (Non-animal), Artificial Sweetener Aspartame E951 (0.358g/100g), Sweetener Maltitol Syrup E965 (Ii) (0.27g/100g), Color E171, Artificial Sweetener Acesulfame K E950 (0.017g/100g), Glazinf Agent Carnauba Wax and Antioxidant Bha E320.
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