Lutti Cherry 35 Gm


Lutti Tumble Gum Tutti Frutti 35 Gm


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Lutti Cherry 35 Gm

Soft and chewy texture, sweet in taste, suitable for vegetarian

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A chewing gum cherry flavored toothpaste that you take out of this tube. Once chewed, it becomes chewing gum and releases the delicious flavor of cherry. Lutti table gum, a 100% gourmet childhood memory. Tubble gum is a brilliant sweet for children. It is the great bubblegum in a tube, when the tube is squeezed it oozes with delicious fruity bubble gum. Press the tube to remove the chew gum.


Ingredients: Glucose-fructose syrup - sugar - base gum - stabilizers (glycerol, sorbitol) - ble starch - flavor - acidifier (citric acid) - emulsifier: soya lecithins - thickener (guar gum) - colorant (e120) - antioxidant

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