Lutti Tutti Roll Up Bubble Gum 29 Gm


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Lutti Tutti Roll Up Bubble Gum 29 Gm

Lutti roll up tutti frutti gum is a delicious bubble gum rolled up in a convenient container that will fit into your pocket. Get close-up confidence with lutti roll 'up tutti frutti flavor bubble gum, the easy way to freshen breath and help protect against tooth decay. Four out of five dentists recommend chewing trident after eating and drinking to clean and protect teeth. Provides long-lasting flavor, fights plaque, and restores ph balance to maintain healthy smiles.
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Ingredients: Sugar - base gum - glucose syrup - ble starch - stabilizer: glycerol - flavor - emulsifier: soya lecithins - color: e120 - antioxidant: bha.
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