Chips Oman Chili Potato Chips 37 Gm


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Chips Oman Chili Potato Chips 37 Gm

Oman Chilli Flavor Potato Chips are crunchy crispy chip the wonderful flavor of the lentil is infused with the touch of mild spiciness and the zesty taste of chilli.

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Who can forget the lightly flavoured Salad Chips, which have inspired many a joke about eating healthy? Or the triangular pizza-flavoured tortillas that go incredibly well with hummus?
Any mention of the chips of Oman also warrants a shout-out to chilli-and-chicken-flavoured Sohar Chips – but let’s keep that for another time. Even amid the overload of delicious options, there has always been one that seemed to be a wafer-thin cut above the rest: the ubiquitous Chips Oman.
Created by Al Jufair Food Industries, a subsidiary of Ali Shaihani Food Industries (and, incidentally, the same company behind Salad Chips and Sohar Chips), the humble snack is described as “the most popular product of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman and the entire Gulf region” on the website. It's a big claim – but it’s hard to disagree.

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