Elsabor Guacamole Nacho N Dip 175 Gm


Elsabor Cheese Nacho N Dip 175 Gm


Crown Potato Sticks 42 Gm USA

Elsabor Guacamole Nacho N Dip 175 Gm

This is a Vegetarian product. Tasty and healthy
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Ingredients: Contains corn flour 73 percentage, vegetable oil, water, salt, may contains traces of gluten, water, onions, vegetable oil, tomatoes, green sweet pepper, cheese, modified starch, green chilli pepper, red sweet pepper, sugar, salt, milk protein, avocado powder, concentrated lemon juice, acid citric acid, emulsifier sodium polyphosphate, stabilizers xanthan gum, guar gum, flavoring, garlic, colors, carotenes.
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