AlRifai Mixed Nuts and Kernels 250 Gm


AlRifai Roasted Pistachios 250 Gm


AlRifai Barbeque Mixed Nuts 160 Gm

AlRifai Mixed Nuts and Kernels 250 Gm

Feel fuller for longer by munching on the crunchy blend of Al Rifai Mixed Nuts & Kernels. You can carry it along with you and enjoy a wholesome snack anytime.
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• Ingredients: Cashews, pistachios, almonds, macadamia, wheat flour, salt, corn starch as a thickener, sugar as a sweetener, citric acid (E330) as acid, soybean oil, whey from cows, mono-glutamate as a flavor enhancer, sodium diuanylate as a flavor enhancer, dicioanocytes Sodium as a preservative, magnesium carbonate as a preservative, glycine, gum arabic as a stabilizer, sodium caseinate, calcium lactate, sodium phosphate as a preservative, palm oil, wheat protein as a vegetable emulsifier, lactose as a sweetener, dextrose as a sweetener, yeast, maltodextrin as a thickener.
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