Lotte White Cookies Pepero 32 Gm


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Lotte White Cookies Pepero 32 Gm

Lotte Pepero White Cookie korean Pepero biscuits with harmony of crunchy cookies and white chocolate.
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Ingredients: Wheat flour (25%), sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil, soy lecithin (E322 (emulsifier)), lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (E322 emulsifier), cookie chip (18%), Sugar, shortening (palm oil), milk paste, cereal products (wheat flour, rice, sticky rice), egg, butter, whole milk butter, malt extract (salt), high fructose corn syrup, sodium phosphate dibas (E339 (acid regulator) ), Ammonium bicarbonate (E503 (Raising Agent)), sodium bicarbonate (E500), artificial flavors (milk, vanilla), yeast, enzyme preparation.
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