Haribo Pink And White Chamallows 70 Gm


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Haribo Pink And White Chamallows 70 Gm

Marshmallow or marshmallow, a type of candy in its modern form, usually consisting of sugar, corn syrup, water, and gelatin. All these ingredients are mixed and scraped until they become spongy in consistency, and poured into small cylindrical molds coated with cornstarch. Some recipes for marshmallows need eggs
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Ingredients Glucose syrup, sugar, beef gelatine - halal, dextrose, acidity regulator (citric acid E330), fruit and plant concentrates (safflower, sweet potato, carrot, radish, hibiscus, blackcurrant, spirulina, apple), nature identical cherry flavour, palm oil, glazing agents (carnauba wax E903, beeswax E901).
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