Haribo Roulette Candy 25 Gm


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Haribo Roulette Candy 25 Gm

Haribo Roulette Gummi Candy is freshest gummi candy all in a twisted tube, similar to a gummi much softer and sweeter.
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With five fruity flavors in a single roll, HARIBO Roulette and HARIBO Mega-Roulette will have you spinning with delight. These conveniently packaged rolls are perfect for here, there and everywhere! Enjoy the delicious variety of Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors.
Almost like Gummi Lifesavers! These sweet and chewy gummy discs come in a roll of 10. Easy as placing in your pocket these are an all time favorite!

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