Twix Chocolate Ice Cream 40 Gm UK


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Twix Chocolate Ice Cream 40 Gm UK

TWIX Ice Cream Bars are made with rich, creamy vanilla ice cream layered with smooth caramel and crunchy cookie to give you just the right combination of chocolate, ice cream and crunchy deliciousness.
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• Ingredients: Skimmed milk, Cream, sugar, whey, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, milk, anato extract, lactose and salt, natural and artificial flavors, chocolate, sugar, coconut oil, milk, lactose, palm oil, Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin, Artificial flavor. Carbohydrates, corn syrup, skim milk, sugar syrup, milk, lactose, salt, carrageenan, chocolate, artificial flavor, wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, canola oil, monoglyceride, maltodextrin, honey, sodium bicarbonate Alkalis, Salt, Natural and synthetic flavors, Caramel color
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