Arwa Drinking Water 24X500 Ml

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Arwa Drinking Water 12X1500 Ml

Arwa Drinking Water 24X500 Ml

• Arwa is bottled drinking water. • High calcium and low sodium content. • Arwa is ideal for helping to maintain an active lifestyle and general wellbeing. • This pure drinking water is preferred for its clean and crisp taste. It helps to restore the body's natural balance and provides both refreshment and hydration.
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Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l) Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l) pH:6.9, Calcium:1, Potassium:9, Magnesium:20.7, Iron:0.02 Chloride:<1, Bicarbonate:12, Sulphate:77.4, Fluoride:<0.1 Carbonate:<1, Sodium:1.4, Nitrates: <1.50
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