Strepsils Lemon 24 Pcs


Strepsils Honey and Lemon 24 Pcs


Strepsils Menthol 24 Pcs

Strepsils Lemon 24 Pcs

Powerful sore throat relief that lasts Sore throats can be painful, irritating, and in need of fast relief. Nothing works better to relieve sore throat pain than Strepsils lozenges. Strepsils lozenges contain dual anti-bacterial action that provides instant and long lasting sore throat relief.
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Ingredients: Each lozenge contains: 2, 4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol 1.2mg, Amylmetacresol B.P 0.6mg. Also contains: Sucrose, Glucose syrup, Honey, Tartaric Acid, Peppermint oil, Terpeneless Lemon Oil, and Quinoline Yellow. Each lozenge contains 1g of glucose and 1.4g of sucrose.
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