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Carefree Plus Large Fresh Scent

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Carefree Unscented Long Lasting Freshness


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Carefree Plus Large Fresh Scent

Carefree Plus Large Fresh Scent Long-Lasting Protection Odour Control (1X48 Pantyliners)Up to 12 Hrs
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With a super-absorbent core, CAREFREE® gives you long-lasting protection, confidence and freshness. These contains natural Aloe Vera known for its soothing properties, and provides a feeling of freshness while taking care of sensitive skin. CAREFREE® Large Aloe Panty Liners are dermatologically-tested, have a comfortable, soft cover, a stay-in-place fit and secure design. CAREFREE® Large panty liners come in three varieties - unscented, with Fresh Scent and with Aloe.
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