Lifebuoy Honey and Turmeric Soap Bar 125 Gm


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Lifebuoy Sea Mineral and Salt Soap Bar 125 Gm

Lifebuoy Honey and Turmeric Soap Bar 125 Gm

Lifebouy 100% Stronger Germ Protection Honey and Turmeric 125gm
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Every day we are exposed to heat, dust and germs. These germs may put us at the risk of skin infections like rashes, which is why you need a natural germ protection soap. New Lifebuoy Turmeric with the power of raw Haldi. Haldi is known in India for its antiseptic and purifying properties. Its natural germ protection formula washes away germs to provide 100% better skin protection. Its unique fragrance blends the power of Haldi to give you a refreshing shower and provides naturals germ protection to your skin.
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