Meiji Creamy Vanilla Yan Yan 50 Gm


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Meiji Hazelnut Cocoa Yan Yan 50 Gm

Meiji Creamy Vanilla Yan Yan 50 Gm

• The fun dip stick yan yan is a biscuit stick with a creamy dip, the superb activity snack. • The biscuit has a delicate taste and stand alone on a column inside the cup. • The cream stands alone on the other column, thus allows one to enjoy dipping the crunchy stick into the cream without getting dirty or melting.
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Meiji Yan Yan Creamy Vanilla Dip 50G is made of crunchy oat biscuit sticks with creamy vanilla for dipping. Comes in a handy cardboard container which makes it easy to enjoy anywhere, anytime.
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