Meiji Flavoured Strawberry Yan Yan 50 Gm


Meiji Dip Chocolate Yan Yan 50 Gm


Meiji Creamy Vanilla Yan Yan 50 Gm

Meiji Flavoured Strawberry Yan Yan 50 Gm

Tea-time gets even more enjoyable when you serve the Yanyan Meiji Creamy Strawberry flavored Dip Biscuits Snack alongside your favorite beverage. Its strawberry flavored cream combined with biscuits will leave you craving for more.
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• Ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm oil and soya bean oil and hydrogenated rapeseed oil), sugar, whey powder(milk), lactose(milk), whole milk powder, salt, emulsifier (soya lecithin), strawberry powder, cheese powder: [ cheddar cheese(milk): ( microbial enzyme), whey powder(milk), emulsifier (e339 (ii) ), lactic acid], sodium bicarbonate, yeast, natural coloring ( e162, e 160 (ii) ), ammonium bicarbonate, artificial strawberry and yogurt flavoring, enzyme (papain), citric acid. contains permitted flavoring and coloring substances.
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